What We Do

We work for brands, companies, people and causes, both in the conventional economy and in the new economy (Creative Economy, Start Ups, etc.), in the exclusive consulting model, being an extension of the client’s brand intelligence in initiatives ranging from the definition of strategy and the tactical plan, to the management of the actions for the operational field. Based on the model of strategic partnerships with other players in the Communication, Management and IT chains, where DH,LO is a mentor and leader of the processes, we offer complete solutions based on the concept of “Brand Life”, involving product insight, naming, branding, content, and brand experience.

In addition, for the Communication and Design market, we offer the following services:
. creative coaching, focused on improving the creative product of the company, from planning, through the media and production, to creative department itself;
. awards coaching: qualifying or requalifying the creative work of the company, specially the ones that have what we call “prizability”, the ability to get into icreativity competitions; maintaining relationship with the main awards of the creative market (including registration and monitoring of agency / office pieces at national and international festivals); and having a constant presence in the biggest international festivals of innovation and creativity, such as Cannes Lions, SxSW, Webbitt, New York Festivals, Ad Stars Asia, among others.