Tokyo’s Origami

ORIGAMI Saburó Series

For the branding system of Tokyo’s Cafe, a charming mix of bistro, snack house and coffee shop with bakery in Recife (Brazil), we show a series of brand identity items , from logo, to stationary, all indoor restaurant materials; delivery packagings, informational design, store key visual and the uniforms of employees.

But, beyond this, we run a joint with an Design educational institution  and a community of artisans that worked about how exclusivity, handcraft and customization could deliver something unique and universal.

Using the original culture of the owner of the store, a brazilian-japanese young entrepreneur, this “oi – Origami Saburó Series” came to life, and can be used and seen only in the bistro. Also, if people would like to buy, they can make an order so the product can be purchased at Tokyo’s Cafe. The final product, as part of a branding system, couldn’t be better. It brings to the brand values that they can now use, as long as it is a revival of something very famous in the city, in the past.

Concepts as such as exclusivity, refinement and an artisan handmade approach, makes all the difference for the client. This social approach of making the products with this artisans group from a poor area of Northeast Brazil (in the city of Cabo) made all sense to the brand DNA, focused in making food with simplicity, passion and truth, just like an artisan does.

Partnership with Creatto Comunicação Estratégica.