Brazilian Summer

To change the “approach” about its old communication style – photos and product image – Ótica Visão, a glasses store in Brazil, decided to use an illustration to make this change and, at the same time, present the “new” season (spring / summer) with an image full of references to the region it’s located (Northeast Brazil). The illustration has the “Mangue Bit”, the movement largely focused on music, mixing regional rhythms of Brazilian Northeast, such as maracatu, frevo, and forró, with rock, hip hop, funk and electronic music.

The movement had its own manifesto, Caranguejos com Cérebro (or “Crabs with Brains” in English). The original movement named itself “Mangue Bit”, ‘mangue’ referring to Recife’s mangroves and ‘bit’ to the computer bit central to the movement’s electronic music influences. Since then, mangue bit has far more commonly, albeit mistakenly, been referred as mangue beat.

Partnership with Creatto Comunicação Estratégica.


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